Bela Vista Property Services continues to demonstrate excellence during and after the COVID pandemic

01 Jan 2024
Bela Vista

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it was hard to imagine a world that would be essentially locked down. Quarantines, social distancing and mask wearing were new and unfamiliar. But the pandemic has ushered in lasting changes in the way people live their daily lives, including at work.

Despite the numerous challenges faced by property managers during the pandemic, Bela Vista Property Services has demonstrated resilience and innovation, applying a can-do attitude to evolve and develop increasingly efficient property management processes.

Ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees has been one of Bela Vista’s top priorities since before COVID, but the onset of the pandemic prompted the company’s property managers to step up their capabilities, obtaining senior facility management qualifications through such institutions as the Institute of Leadership and Management to implement new management practices, apply social distancing measures, and manage potential COVID outbreaks within properties.

Bela Vista’s management of Pearl Court, a building more than 40 years old, stands as an example of our proactive approach to property management in the pandemic and post-pandemic era. Pearl Court’s facilities and equipment, including its power system, water pipes and elevators, had suffered normal wear and tear over time, but renovating an ageing building presents challenges, and it was critical that we help the owners identify suitable solutions. We therefore conducted a professional refurbishment assessment, clarifying the priorities and scope of the renovation, and communicating and negotiating with the owners. Proper planning and budget management are also key factors for a successful renovation, and Pearl Court was no exception. It was also critical to ensure that renovation works complied with relevant regulations and codes to ensure the building’s safety and sustainability.

During the pandemic, various renovation and maintenance initiatives were carried out at Pearl Court, including the replacement of entrance floor tiles, water drainage renovation to solve a flooding problem in the parking lot, the renovation of the entire parking lot, and reconstruction and renovation of the lobby. Electricity meter boxes, fire safety systems and elevators were replaced throughout the building, and facial recognition systems installed to provide residents with a warmly welcomed, safer and more convenient living environment.

As the management company also servicing prime development The Waterside, Bela Vista Property Services handles leasing and sales, alongside property and tenant management services. The pandemic caused fluctuations in the leasing market at The Waterside and elsewhere, with some employees assigned to work in Macau needing to leave and return to their places of origin due to company staffing reductions, and multiple challenges such as tenants being unable to return to Macau and requests for rent reductions or early terminations. Bela Vista served as a bridge between landlords and tenants, balancing the needs and interests of both parties, maintaining openness at all times, and actively facilitating solutions.

Bela Vista prides itself on maintaining seamless cooperation between its employees in all departments, and on the support and encouragement it offers its staff, boosting their confidence in the face of all manner of challenges. Even during particularly difficult stages of the pandemic, we continued to hire to reduce pressure on existing employees. The company continues to provide on-the-job training for employees to improve their interpersonal skills, with team activities regularly arranged to improve rapport between colleagues and foster a sense of belonging.

We stand ready to handle sales and leasing for any quality property owner, providing unparalleled levels of reliability and comprehensive service, so if you require our talent and ability, please contact us anytime.