Healthy living starts with cleanliness at home

01 May 2020
Bela Vista

The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak has been at the center of practically every conversation in recent months. Around the world, the number of confirmed cases continues to soar, affecting more than 200 countries and territories. The rate at which the epidemic has spread is indeed shocking.

Amid such an unprecedented crisis, public safety awareness has been raised dramatically. In addition to paying much more attention to personal hygiene, people everywhere are donning masks, washing their hands frequently, and taking a wide range of sterilization measures in order to prevent the virus from spreading further, including staying at home as much as possible and avoiding outings and gatherings.

Home disinfection has become one of the cornerstones of epidemic prevention, and a wave of panic-buying of disinfection supplies has taken place across Macau. Many people have been rushing to buy sanitary items and food, and even hoarding products, resulting in a severe shortage of goods everywhere. However, most people are not in the habit of disinfecting their own homes, and lack common sense when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation, easily giving rise to panic over the epidemic. Yet as long as people develop daily habits that ensure the cleanliness of their homes, they needn’t fret unduly about unwelcome, coronavirus-related developments.

According to a report by the Royal Society for Public Health UK, even though most people clean their homes on a regular basis, they do not achieve good hygiene results. Experts point out that when cleaning their dwellings, people should focus not only on those areas that appear “dirty” on the surface, but should also pay attention to how to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms. In certain places, people should devote extra vigilance to the times at which bacteria are likely to breed, such as when cleaning up food in their kitchens or laundering dirty clothes in their bathrooms, cleaning up immediately to eliminate sources of infection.

Bela Vista Property Services has many years of experience of real estate management, and is intimately familiar with the structural layout and functions of a wide range of homes. Our professional cleaning teams possess not only excellent household cleaning experience, but also expert knowledge of health and safety management. We understand that simply “removing dirt” does yield the same benefits as conducting comprehensive home hygiene; professional consultants are required.

After patiently consulting with customers to understand the layouts of their homes and their lifestyle habits, they analyze the hygiene status of each customer’s home environment and design the most suitable cleaning program, providing suggestions for keeping their dwellings clean and in the most hygienic condition in the course of daily life.

The cleaning teams at Bela Vista Property Services are specialists in the cleaning of a broad spectrum of environments, including deep cleaning, home disinfection, dust removal, pest control and atomization, and formulate a range of cleaning solutions for home decoration or even before new homes are occupied. From ordinary dusting to deep staining, their skills are unrivalled.

Our teams are fully committed to the needs of our customers; in addition to general cleaning services, we can also develop exclusive, customized cleaning services for customers with special, bespoke requirements. Whether the premises in need of perfect hygiene are houses, offices, restaurants or courtyard gardens, we are able to bring you the ultimate in cleanliness services, with cleaning programs that perfectly meet your needs to make your life comfortable and healthy.